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Keka is a full featured file archiver, as easy as it can be. With Keka you can compress as many files as you want in a bunch of formats. Divide files and protect them with a password is now a kids game. Just drop the files you want to compress to the Keka icon in the Dock or the main window. Also Keka can extract lots of compressed files, from ZIP and 7Z to RAR archives, even parted ones. Just double click on those files and they will be extracted using Keka, or drop them to the icon in the Dock or the main window. Compression formats supported: 7Z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, BROTLI, ZSTD, LRZIP, WIM, DMG and ISO Extraction formats supported: 7Z, ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, BROTLI, ZSTD, LRZIP, DMG, ISO, LZMA, EXE, CAB, WIM, MSI, PAX, JAR, APK, APPX, XPI, IPA, CPGZ, CPIO, XIP and more Terms of Use:


Version 1.2.16 • Fixed issue that prevented detection of compression errors (Thanks to @victor) #885
• Fixed broken bundle issue when extracting using intermediate folder (Thanks to @KLszTsu) #883
• Option to rename the extension from the extraction intermediate folder
• Korean translation updated (Thanks to @jeongtae) #862
• German translation updated (Thanks to Alexander Wasenauer) #875 #876 #877 #878 #879 #880 #881
• Spanish translation updated (Thanks to @kant) #863 #865 #866
• Vietnamese translation updated (Thanks to @mwolfinspace) #892
• Japanese translation updated (Thanks to @Sh1hu) #886 #887 #888 #889 #890
• Italian translation updated (Thanks to @VinBoiSoft from #896 #900
• French translation updated (Thanks to @Marc66) #897
• Catalan translation updated