Device must be running iOS 7 or later!

Your device must also be Jailbroken and have AppSync installed to proceed installing AppAddict.

If you DO NOT wish to Jailbreak please see HERE for details on iSignCloud

Install AppAddict

App property of AppAddict, made by @E1_Zorr0.

How to Jailbreak your Device!

To Jailbreak your device it must be running iOS 7.0 to 7.1 beta 3
You will need to download Evasi0n by @Evad3rs

Please see the video below on how to Jailbreak your device...

How to Install AppSync!

To install AppSync your device must be Jailbroken with Cydia installed!
If the above is done please follow the guide below to install AppSync .....

Once the steps above are complete you are ready to INSTALL AppAddict 4!

What is iSignCloud?

Install cracked apps on any device, no jailbreak required. Its truly magical!

iSignCloud & AppAddict

This has taken some work and preperation but its finally here, AppAddict on your NON JailBroken Device. You can enjoy all the benefits of the regular AppAddict native iOS iPhone and iPad app on your NON JailBroken devices running iOS 7. This will work on the 5S and the 5C or any other new device Apple bring out!

The 3 great things about iSignCloud are

1- No JailBreak needed!
2- NO PC or MAC needed direct on your device!.
3- It's made by AppAddict & RegMyUDiD!


iSignCloud with AppAddict will work on ANY DEVICE running iOS 7 it just simply works no hassle!

How To Get AppAddict on my NON JailBroken Device?

In order to have AppAddict on your Non JailBroken device you will need
1. Your UDiD registered with RegMyUDiD
2. A RegMyUDiD developers certificate
3. A RegMyUDiD provisioning profile
RegMyUDiD supply all 3 of these things at a great price with excellent support if needed. If you want to start using AppAddict with RegMyUDiD Resign today make sure you purchace our Advanced UDiD Activation below

AppAddict Tools

When your purchase an advanced registration with RegMyUDiD you also get the use of AA Tools, this is also a very powerfull resign tool that can be run on OS X. You can find out more information Here.

Get iSignCloud
Simple Install Procedure!
AppAddict - RegMyUDiD Resign

AppAddict - RegMyUDiD Resign